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      Millennial instrumentals meets the Salt of the earth 




First Virtual Women's Conference: The Destiny Testament 


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Our Mission 

To Spread the Good News of Yahusha The Messiah

As believers we have all been commissioned to Preach and Spread the Good News of the Messiah called Yahusha Ha'Mashiach (Jesus of Nazareth) and the Kingdom of the only Living God YAHUAH Elohim. Patterns Magazine is dedicated to making sure this is accomplished through means of mass communications including, digital media, print, photography and video.

To inform and educate All people of the Truth 

The Bible and biblical text have been passed down for centuries. It is both a historical account but even more than this, the scriptures are spirit and life. Part of the mission at Patterns Magazine is to explore and educate readers on the former while never disregarding the latter. The information we provide is based on scripture, research, sound theology and wisdom from the Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Holy Spirit)

To Uphold, Uplift and Magnify his name

The name of God is Yahuah. Some variations of the name are found as Ahiyah, Yahuwah, and Yahweh. The root name is and has always been YAH. Though God has many titles, Patterns Magazine has a mantle of being a memorial of remembrance and displaying the name that is missing from the scriptures and replaced with LORD and GOD. The name of the son is Yahusha Ha'mashiach (The Messiah) who's name has been transliterated overtime to Jesus Christ. The connection to Yah is through the one whom he sent. 

Sing unto Elohim, Praises to his name, extol Him who rides upon the clouds, his name is "YAH"! Rejoice before him.

Psalm 68:4

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