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444. DALET(H)


Let's talk about doors.

The number 444 has become extremely popularized, even worldly spirituality categorizes this divine number as being guided by your guardian angels. Quote unquote.

The 4th letter in the Hebrew Aleph bet is the Dalet, this donates the DOOR. in our faith we understand that the door is the messiah “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to the father except through me”. “Behold i set before you a door that no one can close” and “The key to the house of David is upon his shoulders so what he opens, and no one shall shut and what he shuts no one shall open” Isaiah 22:22

Now I'm not presenting this so that every time you see the number 4 you can go into a shock and begin traveling down a rabbit hole of what if’s, butttttt…. If you are constantly seeing the repetition of 4’s it can be a sign from heaven’s messengers, and you should seek the face of Yahuah (God) alone and see what needs to be done to receive the instruction that could be attached to what you're seeing and experiencing. In Yahusha’s name.

The true reason behind this video however is to inform or update all of us on the importance of doors and gateways to our temples, these things that can influence our minds, thoughts and emotions.

As temples of the living God we have entrances and gates and sometimes we ourselves become gateways for other spirits and people…but that's an entirely different video.

Similar to how the Temple were built in Jerusalem, we have access points that can lead to our minds heart, or the holiest of holies- the place that The Most High alone should be dwelling

These are openings like the mouth gate (what we speak/ say and recite i.e., song lyrics)

The ear gates (the things we ingest through sound, music and hearing i.e. listening to a speech)

The reproductive gate (the people we engage in sexual intercourse with i.e., marriage or promiscuity)

And the eye gate one of the easiest ways for a thought or spirit to enter (what we see visually and internalize i.e., television, social media and reading)

So, it's noted that doors require access and agreement most of the time.

That being said it is up to us as servants of Yahuah to guard our temples and make sure our gates and entry points are covered.

For everything that the most high has set up to be holy and esteemed there has been a counterfeit made. Adversary means opponent. The devil is no match for the living God in fact Yah created him, this is why the scripture call him “our adversary” he wants us to go against what Yah says concerning each of us, so that they may have rights to the temple.

Remember every spirit needs a house. (Yahusha was casting out the unclean spirit and they begged to go into the pigs)

So, let's look at 4 ways the enemy tries to enter.

  1. Doubt. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to Trust in Yahuah with all our heart and lean not unto our own understanding. In all our ways acknowledge him and he will direct our paths. Not trusting in God opens a wideeeee door to let the enemy who is the father of lies and confusion come in and plant seeds that can disrupt our faith and cause weariness. Leaving us vulnerable for all sorts of attacks

  2. Lack of confidence. Similar to doubt, lack of confidence is the fruit of what the seeds of doubt will accomplish. After we entertain doubt long enough and then our surroundings begin to mirror what we internalize, we can lose hope. Hopelessness is an invitation for fear and fear is the henchmen of wicked spirits. Remember Hebrews 13:6 So we say with confidence “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” and when it is an onslaught of spiritual attacks, we’re facing we need to put on the Full armor of God. helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, girding our loins with the belt of truth, preparing our feet with the good news and keeping the flaming sword of the word of God strapped to us.

  3. Curse God and Die. maybe you’ve read the book of Job or maybe you haven’t gotten a chance to yet, just know it's one of the more vivid depictions of testing and trials when it comes to the faith. The enemy wants to get you to confess certain things with your mouth because of the power the Almighty has given us. Proverbs 18:21 death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it shall eat the fruit thereof. THINGS WE SAY CAN GIVE LIFE OR BRING DEATH it's very important that we guard this area because unknowingly we can heap up curses on ourselves and others- when the damage is done it can take much more effort to create peace again, more than it would have if we would have just been diligent in the first place.

  4. Steal, Kill and destroy. Now this is the adversary’s ultimate mission. If we allow the fruit of curses and death to come from our mouths and we never repent then this is what the enemy will use to fully enter into the temple and steal, kill and destroy every good thing that may have had a chance to experience life (areas like breakthrough, healing, marriage and children). Evil confessions can turn your entire life upside down and if you are blind to this sneak attack, instead of praying and asking for calmness and clarity in the storm you end up spewing out more death and destruction and the enemy will set up shop. This is his legal right (lease agreement) to now stay there. Yahusha being the word of God himself, used the word against the enemy when he fasted 40 days and 40 nights John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life more abundantly” this is because the mouth of the righteous is like a spring or a fountain of life Proverbs 13:14.

Now this is what Yah wants us to do, here are 4 points we can consider making sure o