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Once again, we are more than blessed to share this issue of PATTERNS Magazine. The October issue is centered on THE MEMORIAL (Malachi 3:16) A remembrance issue dedicated to The Name of Yah and the importance of it in the covenant he made with his people. Psalm 68:4 reminds us: Sing unto Elohim, sing praise to his name, extol him who rides on the clouds by his name YAH! and rejoice before him. 

This Month we took a closer look at the diaspora and the chords that must be removed to excel in the spirit, encouragement to daughters of Zion and more!

Interview with worship artist Tehilah Praise and Spoken word from Lauren H. @theguruhouse

Please enjoy!


OCTOBER ISSUE. final2.png
OCTOBER ISSUE. final3.png
OCTOBER ISSUE. final5.png
OCTOBER ISSUE. final6.png
OCTOBER ISSUE. final7.png
tehilah 2.png
OCTOBER ISSUE. final10.png

To view the full magazine email or complete the form on the "order a copy" page!

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